Alexa Skill


Badminton Alexa Skill

News, Info & Live Results via Alexa


We’ve been teaching Amazon’s Alexa all about Badminton!

This means you can now get all the latest news, information and live results via your Echo devices by simply asking Alexa questions.

Topics Covered:

  • Live Results from every phase
  • Access Competition Timetables
  • Ticket & Grandstand Seat Information
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • “Flash Briefings” & Audio Interviews
  • Travel Information


Example Questions:

  • What was Izzy Taylor’s dressage score?
  • When is Michael Jung’s dressage test?
  • Did Star Witness pass the trot up?
  • How did Chris Burton do today?
  • What time is Andrew Nicholson on cross country?
  • Give me the result for number 53?
  • Who’s in the lead?
  • What happened at the lake fence?
  • How long will it take me to drive from London to Badminton?
  • Can I bring my dog?
  • How much is it to watch cross country?
  • When is Badminton on TV?

Tips For Using Our Alexa Skill

The Badminton Alexa Skill covers a wide variety of topics for many of the frequently asked questions about the event, and also gives you access to live results, timetables and even the cross country fence analysis.

If you have any trouble with Alexa understanding your question, try rephrasing the question.

When asking about particular riders and horses, Alexa can sometimes misunderstand unusual names, particularly some of the horse names. If all else fails try using the bib number in your question, eg. “where did number 53 finish after dressage?”