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Tuesday 4th May - Wednesday 5th May, 2021 #SSCup

2014 Grassroots Cross Country Course

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This year’s cross country course for the Mitsubishi Motors Grassroots Championships runs clockwise round the deer park providing riders with a wonderful opportunity to take in the breath taking views of Badminton House as they gallop up Worcester Avenue towards the infamous Badminton Lake complex.

Course Builder & Designer, James Willis, has once again provided a true championship course for the BE90 & BE100 Championship Finalists, that incorporate many of the features of the CCI**** course, and even one of the fences that has previously been used for the main event!



Let’s take a look at the course:

Video Coursewalk by Goldeneye

UPDATE: Updated photos of the fences now available in the Photo Galleries

Set in the sheep fields beside the quarry, the start box gets riders off to a good start heading towards the quarry.


1. BE First (Flower Bed)

A welcoming fence to everyone underway on this year’s course:


2. Quarry House

After running through the famous Badminton Quarry, competitors jump a replica of the 4 star houses.


3. Willis Chase Fence

Horses will need a bold jump here as they continue their way down the hill.




4. & 5ab Shotgun Steps

After jumping No. 4 competitors will have to pick their line to negotiate the step up or down to a narrow brush.


6. Four Star Wall

A chance for competitors to jump an obstacle that although lower now, was jumped as part of the CCI**** course in previous years.


7. Table

After a long gallop through the park, competitors will come to a table with a maximum top spread. kick on!


8abc. ASX Triple

Rail – Ditch – Rail is a classic combination on a cross country course. Riders here in the correct speed and balance, should have few problems at this fence.


9. The Hollow

A curved rail positioned on the edge of one of the many  natural hollows found in the park.


10. Curved Brush

A big upright brush fence between trees met from gently rising ground.


11. & 12ab Tree Trunk & Outlander Angles

A completely new loop for the Grassroots this year near the site of the old 4 star ski jump from yesteryear. Riders will need to hold their line down the hill to jump the two narrow brushes.


13. & 14ab Danco Shooting Butt & PHEV Silver Birches

A large brush oxer fashioned in the style of the big ‘let up’ fence seen on the 4 star track, leading to a pair of Silver Birch rails that replicate the adjacent 4 star fences.


15. Brush Oxer

A good galloping fence as competitors head across the park towards the house. (take in the view!)


16. ab World Horse Welfare Garden

A bending line on a related stride is required here at this complex, that is used later in the week, by the professionals on the 4 star track.


17ab. Wadsworth At The Lake

Hopefully horses will only get their feet wet as they jump through the bottom of the lake.


18. Mirage Wishing Well

All will want a good jump here as with Badminton House in the backdrop it will make a perfect photographic momento!


19. The Benches

Heading for home now towards Huntsmans Close competitors will come across the park bench in the avenue of trees beside the house.


20ab. Team GBR Corners

A pair of open corners similar to those seen in Vicarage Fields on the four star track, will require a committed horse and accurate riding. A much kinder, although somewhat longer alternative is available for those tiring at this late stage in the course.


21. Trakehner

Although straight forward, with a dark ditch  underneath riders still have to pay attention.


22. James’s Book

All who get this far and clear will be hoping their name will be added to the list of past winners written in the book.


We will update the photos once the course has been dressed – have fun out there!